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Fire Watch Surveillance

There are few things as inherently destructive as fire. In the United States, fires cause over $300 billion in damages every year. These fires destroy crop land, ruin businesses, and drive people from their homes. Fires can also have a severely-negative impact on the environment, resulting in loss of animal populations, decreased air quality, and destruction of natural resources. Preventing uncontrolled fires is a responsibility that we all share, and at Pro-Vigil, we’re doing our part to help.

Fire Watch Solutions

Trash-truck parking yards, lumber yards, mills, landfills, and national parks are all at especially-high risk of fire damage, but the truth is that no location is entirely safe from the risk of fire. The only way to make absolutely sure that a fire isn’t occurring is to keep the area under surveillance at all times. With the help of Pro-Vigil’s surveillance systems and thermal video technology, you’ll be able to ensure that your site is safe and flame-free. And, should a fire ever break out on your property, our systems can alert the local authorities at the first sign of smoke. Remember, the quicker the fire is identified, the easier it will be able to extinguish, and the less damage it will be able to do.

Technology to Beat the Flames

Pro-Vigil’s unique threat-recognition software is perfectly designed for fire detection. As potential dangers occur, the Pro-Vigil remote guards instantly evaluate the threat. Security monitoring agents are then informed, and, should it be necessary, local authorities are contacted—all within minutes of the first spark. This means that when firefighters arrive, they’ll be much more likely to be able to contain the problem before it gets out of hand and causes significant damage. And, should the fire damage the remote guard system, you’ll still be able to access any footage that was recorded before hand, due to the fact that all footage is uploaded directly to the cloud. This feature can be invaluable in determining the cause of the fire after the fact. With Pro-Vigil fire watch solutions, you can keep your properties from “smoking.” Learn more about fire and security systems and get a deeper look into what these remote guards can do for the safety of your business.