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Our Personal Case Studies

Pro-Vigil provides high-tech, superior surveillance-and-security options that can be scaled to fit the needs of any organization. However, we don’t expect you to take our word for it; instead, listen to what some of our clients have to say. These case studies help to demonstrate Pro-Vigil’s commitment to utilizing our extensive skill-set and superior tools in order to keep your property safe, secure, and functional—no matter what.

Auto Group of San Antonio

Auto Group of San Antonio is a premier automotive group located on 4.5 acres of land in North San Antonio. They keep 135 vehicles on the lot for retail, and sell an average of 60 vehicles per month. Auto Group of San Antonio has 16 service bays and 35 full-time employees. On any given night, there are 60 customers vehicles on site for service. Auto Group of San Antonio specializes in taking high-end vehicles and performing aesthetic and performance modifications to them before selling.


San Antonio thieves were targeting high-end car parts, including side mirrors, tailgates, and even airbags.


Pro-Vigil installed a total of nine cameras on two different buildings, set to record the most-recent 14 days of video on local servers. This provided live real-time monitoring on the site—effectively eliminating incidents of theft.
“Since Pro-Vigil has been on our car lot, we see considerably less larceny and pillaging,” says Rocky Renken, of Auto Group of San Antonio.

Harte Auto Group

The Harte Auto Group is a family-owned-and-operated dealer group that has been in business since 1951. Harte dealerships are located throughout Connecticut and New York, and are comprised of Nissan and Infiniti franchises.


In 2003, Harte had 32 sets of headlights stolen in one night. From 2004 to 2009, Harte had 70 sets of wheels stolen, and in 2011, five cars were vandalized, including a highly-valuable Nissan GT-R. Consistent-and-undeterred theft and vandalism was having a large negative-impact on the company.


The Harte Auto Group signed up with Pro-Vigil in 2012. Since the implementation of Pro-Vigil, there have been no occurrences of theft or vandalism.
“This program works,” states Gregory Harte, owner of Harte Auto Group. “We used to have an actual security guard patrolling the lot. During that time, we had 32 sets of catalytic converters stolen, and four sets of wheels. Since we signed up with Pro-Vigil, we have had zero theft or vandalism. The monthly cost for Pro-Vigil is much less than the cost of a security guard as well! I highly recommend Pro-Vigil.”