Recycling Center Security Systems

Recycling centers face a number of problems when it comes to security. These centers may contain valuable material, both in the form of recyclable waste, as well as expensive equipment. At the same time, recycling centers often face the problem of illegal dumping (dumping of non-recyclable waste). Unfortunately, on-site guards and guard dogs are expensive, and often ineffective For actual protection, these sites require high-quality video solutions.

Recycling-Center Solutions

Recycling centers are much more likely to be targeted by criminals at night when conventional guard systems are less effective. Illegal dumping, on the other hand, is an issue more-related to daytime operating hours. A complete surveillance solution, rather than one that only focuses on one or the other, requires a camera system that provides superior protection at all hours, and against all threats. These systems can be used to alert law enforcement in the event of an unauthorized incursion, identify the license plates of illegal dumpers, pinpoint yard fires before they can cause significant damage, and ensure that employees are following best practices and necessary safety guidelines.

Don’t Let Surveillance Go to Waste

Pro-Vigil provides exceptional surveillance solutions for recycling centers. Pro-Vigil cameras can operate in all kinds of lighting conditions, and also feature advanced threat detection software that is able to identify, evaluate, and respond to any potential threats. License plate identification software can also help to identify illegal dumpers. Pro-Vigil systems record data directly to the cloud, and retain recorded footage for 14 days, meaning that any captured footage remains safely out of reach of anyone who might want to destroy it. These advanced systems can be customized to fit the unique needs of individual recycling centers, or adapted to fit with existing systems, for protection that is perfect for any layout. Don’t let your recycling center go to waste; commit to Pro-Vigil surveillance solutions, and see how smart recycling can be.

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