Cell Tower Video Surveillance

For cellular communication to be possible, mobile phones need to be able to access regularly-placed cellphone towers. These sites use electrical communication equipment to create a bubble (or cell) in which cellular telephones are able to communicate with the equipment that then connects the calls to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, because cellphone towers are so numerous, and are often located in remote locations, they are in constant danger of being targeted by thieves and vandals. At the same time, other threats, such as fire and equipment malfunction can likewise disrupt cell  tower service.

Cellular Tower Solutions

Pro-Vigil offers cutting-edge technology to help keep cellular towers safe and secure. Through early intrusion detection, threats are quickly assessed by Remote Guards monitoring the activity from Pro-Vigil Central Surveillance Centers. If criminal intent is identified, Remote Guards may activate any number of deterrent systems, including prerecorded warnings, sirens, and flashing strobe-lights. And should the threat remain on the premises, Remote Guards can then contact local authorities to ensure that the site remains protected. Non-criminal threats can just as easily be identified and addressed.

Technology that Towers Above

Pro-Vigil solutions offer property owners and managers real-time access to live video feeds. This means that even the most remote locations can be monitored for criminal activity and other threats at any time, day or night. It also means that owners and managers won’t have to take the time to travel to visit the site just to see what is happening. Add to these advantages a 14-day recording capacity, off-site data storage, object tracking, and even intelligent software detection (for protection against cyber attacks), and the result is a cellular tower surveillance solution that you’ll want to call home about.

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