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Austin, Texas Business Security Systems

Austin is an exciting city that offers huge potential to owners starting and building businesses. Tourists and locals love the legendary barbecue and street food, the wide variety of live music, the parks and lakes where you can bike, swim, boat, and hike, and much more.

Besides tourism, the tech-savvy workforce is significant to business owners. More than 86% of Austin’s workers are in white-collar positions, which is far above average for the nation. Workers are in management, administrative support, sales, and professional roles. Many residents work with math and computers. And the number of college-educated workers is more than double the national average.

But the Austin, Texas crime rate is higher than average compared to the rate in many communities in the U.S. Your chances of being the victim of either a violent or property crime in Austin are 1 in 25, which is a higher crime rate than in 90% of Texas’s other towns and cities.

The violent crime rate in Austin is higher than in many other American communities. Violent crimes include assault, murder, rape, and armed robbery. Your chances of becoming the victim of property crime, including arson, burglary, larceny over fifty dollars, and motor vehicle theft, are one in 28.

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Use Pro-Vigil’s Fast Response Time to Protect Your Business

Protect your thriving business with the services of an Austin, Texas security leader: Pro-Vigil. Now that our security infrastructure is established in Austin, we can help drive criminals away from your business using technologies and services that include:

  • Threat-recognition software that scans for danger 24 hours a day
  • Wireless security cameras
  • Alarms, customized audio warnings, and strobe lights that deter 93% of potential criminals
  • Remote guards who monitor surveillance feeds

Since Austin, Texas crime and damage can happen in minutes, we work even faster, with a quicker reaction time than our competitors. Strategic threat deterrents scare away most criminals, but for the criminal who sticks around, your remote guard will contact Austin police and bring them to your business more quickly than the average caller can.

Pro-Vigil reacts so quickly because both human and software decision-making work together. As a well-trained security guard watches your business, learning software also scans your site from many angles. Either can activate deterrents and alert law enforcement within moments.

Austin Businesses that Can Benefit from Pro-Vigil

Pro-Vigil creates a custom system for each of our valued business customers, and we study what each business needs most from our services. Here are three examples of the kinds of businesses that can use Pro-Vigil’s Austin, Texas security systems.

Self Storage Properties

Self-storage businesses are vulnerable to theft. Valuables are scattered throughout many different units, which are difficult to guard individually. And oftentimes only a door and a padlock protect each unit. Some thieves even rent a unit themselves to get close and then cut through locks with simple bolt cutters.

Another danger comes from volatile chemicals and materials that can cause fast-spreading fires.

But Pro-Vigil is a perfect way to guard your self-storage business:

  • Our wireless cameras watch your property, including fences, gates, and units, from many angles
  • Our system’s audio and visual deterrents surprise and scare away almost all criminals automatically or quickly bring in the Austin police
  • Your video feed, software, and guard will quickly see any developing fire and alert Austin’s emergency services

Auto Dealer

If you own a car lot, you know the stress of leaving vehicles worth tens of thousands of dollars each out in the open every night. Thieves would love to hotwire and drive them to a chop shop. And some criminals are content to vandalize your vehicles, buildings, and other assets.

To protect your business, Pro-Vigil will:

  • Use after-hours remote communications to greet legitimate shoppers and deter criminals
  • Keep track of your vehicles using a vehicle monitoring system, which includes license plate recognition
  • Detect suspicious behavior in visitors, especially at night, which is the most common time period for Austin, Texas crime
  • Provide live video feeds you can use to check for any weather damage to your vehicles
  • Assist with video recordings of safety incidents such as slips and falls

Construction Sites

Some thieves see an after-hours real estate development as a buffet of items to steal: new appliances, expensive furniture, and even tools and building materials. Others just see a roof to sleep under for a night but can damage your structures and cause expensive and dangerous issues by breaking in.

Most large developments are fenced and gated and even employ gate guards. But criminals cut through fences out of sight of guards. Guards are also expensive to train and employ, can be in danger from violence, and can’t always stay alert for the many weeks of the build.

In contrast, a Pro-Vigil business security system:

  • Allows you to remove employees from dangerous night-time guard duties
  • Watches vulnerable areas of the property through wireless cameras
  • Is vigilant 24 hours a day through both a remote security guard and threat-recognition software
  • Costs less than the training and/or employing of guards
  • Runs without a connection to the grid using batteries and solar power

Protection from Fires and More

Built on a culture of caring, Pro-Vigil also watches for other sources of damage besides crime, such as fires, floods, accidents, and other problems. Our pattern-recognition software and a remote guard will alert you and Austin emergency services within moments after an incident starts. Pro-Vigil alerts can also help employees to escape from impending dangers.

Since damage can also come from within, you can use surveillance to detect when your employees are not using the best safety practices. Their bad habits can lead to harm to themselves and other assets, but you can catch them in time and give them proper training.

How Much Time Will This Take?

Knowing that most business owners are extremely busy, your territory manager will finish your installation within five days. We’ll first use satellite imagery to identify any security holes at your site. Then, we’ll create a customized security plan and install wireless surveillance cameras.

If it’s better for you, we can instead upgrade your existing security system with capabilities such as object tracking, live monitoring, and analytics.

Our analytics reports can also give you actionable data that would take much longer to gather on your own. Your software can scan and analyze many hours of footage, building reports of peak shopping hours, customer demographics, and people counts. Also available are risk mitigation data, time and attendance, package delivery confirmation, and more.

An Austin, Texas security system from Pro-Vigil is quick and convenient to use, with options such as:

  • Off-site, secure storage of surveillance data
  • Access to live video feeds on your computers and mobile devices
  • Automatic alerts to police, your management team, and emergency services for both criminal and non-criminal threats

To protect your business from Austin, Texas crime, buy a Pro-Vigil system today. On our website, learn more about our culture of excellence and our cutting-edge and technologies, which make us the best choice for Austin, Texas security.