7 Steps to Increase Security on Construction Sites

By Ryan Skidmore | August 17, 2018

Construction sites are fraught with logistics and for most superintendents, their main priorities lie with timely project completion and budget. However, neglecting to address construction security can end up costing you both time and money and can easily delay the completion of any project. It is vital to monitor sites 24/7, not only to protect precious equipment but also to make sure employees are following safety rules and regulations at all times.

If you truly care about making your budget within the requested time frame, you’ll consider construction site security a top priority. Thankfully, this can be accomplished through several measures including the use of a Pro-Vigil job site security camera. We’ve compiled our top 7 steps to increase security on construction sites, so you can finish your contract on time and within budget.

1. Make a Plan for Construction Site Security

Before you begin a project, make sure you have a written and detailed plan regarding the security and safety procedures for site security. Every site will have specific challenges to address and will need a tailored construction site security plan to fit its unique needs. Use crime statistics from the site area and the value of the items stored on the site to help determine how aggressive your security approach needs to be.

Once you’ve implemented the construction security plan for the site, don’t just assume it’s sufficient for the duration of the project. Incorporate monthly, or even weekly, site safety and security audits to make sure everyone is doing their part in improving site security. Encourage employees to take personal accountability by reporting anything suspicious. Record the audits and save the results for future review.

2. Set Up a Perimeter

Every site needs to establish a secure perimeter and fencing is the easiest and most economical way to do this. Make sure that you plan site entry points and limit the number of entry points to the site. By limiting entry points, you make it easier to monitor all personnel entering and leaving the construction area. It is ideal to not only post job site security cameras at these entry points but to consider hiring security guards to secure the site as well.

Make sure that each entry point is locked at night with a heavy-duty lock. It is a best practice to limit the number of keys to the site to a few authorized personnel, like the security guards and general contractor. Regular employees should not have keys to access the site without special permission from the general contractor. Keep a log of all individuals who have access keys as well as a record of any keys temporarily assigned to other employees and when they are returned.

lock for a construction site

3. Lock Things Up

This seems like an obvious point, but it is easy to overlook a simple thing like locking up if you are in a rush at the end of the day. Encourage supervisors and employees who lock up to double check that everything is secure before they leave for the evening. Make sure all materials are properly stored and consider installing hidden kill switches on vehicles to make sure valuable equipment cannot be stolen.

No Trespassing signs

4. Put Up Signs

You should always include warning signs around the site perimeter as a deterrent from entering the site. Include “No Trespassing” signs and signs that inform the public that the site is monitored by 24/7 surveillance. Preferably the site should actually have 24-hour security, but even if you do not, you should still make sure these signs are visible to deter possible vandalism or theft.

5. Track Your Inventory

This is an essential step for construction site security and can easily be incorporated into your monthly or weekly site audit. Review the site and make sure all materials and property are accounted for before starting the construction project. Make an inventory of all the property on the site and make high-value assets with an OAN (Owner Applied Number) if they do not have a serial number you can record. This will help law enforcement identify your property and recover it if it has been stolen.

For larger or more valuable assets like heavy construction equipment that can be driven off-site, consider installing hidden GPS units. This will also you to track equipment if is has been removed from the property. It’s worth noting that around $1 billion worth of construction equipment is stolen in the U.S. every year and only around 30% is ever found.

construction safety lights

6. Lighting Up the Site

Another deterrent for thieves and vandals is making sure that your site is well-lit all night long. For the most effective lighting solution, you should first ensure that the entire perimeter of the site is well-lit. Any additional lighting should be focused on valuable equipment and storage areas on the site to deter anyone from accessing these areas. People are much less likely to try and enter a site or break into a storage unit if they are in full view of a bright security light and can easily be caught on camera or by a security guard.

7. Use Security Cameras

The final, and of the most important steps in construction site security is to make sure you have round-the-clock surveillance installed on the construction site. 24/7 job site security cameras will enable you to make sure no unauthorized individuals are accessing the site. It also allows you to monitor your employees to make sure they are following safety and security guidelines for construction security.

If you only have limited job site security cameras, focus them on entry and exit points as well as on storage areas and other valuable assets. Make sure you have backups for your job site security camera footage that is not stored on-site. Make sure your cameras are visible to anyone attempting to enter your site, as the appearance of cameras can often prove to be a deterrent to thieves and vandals. Security cameras can also be an excellent substitute for full-time construction security guards because they are a much more cost-effective option.

Pro-Vigil Job Site Security Cameras

If you’re looking for a dependable, mobile, and adaptable security system, Pro-Vigil provides mobile surveillance solutions with 24/7 monitoring that records and stores up to two weeks worth of surveillance footage on the cloud. The cameras are easily installed and are solar powered with a battery backup to ensure you don’t have any downtime on your system.

Additionally, Pro-Vigil’s recognition software helps identify potential threats, and you can access the camera’s live feed from any device with an internet connection. If you’re at dinner and you’re worried about construction security, simply pull up the cameras on your smartphone and double check your security. Need some help knowing which outdoor security camera to get? Read up on which features to look for in the best outdoor security camera and check out our job site security camera and improve your construction site security today.

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