What to Look for in the Best Outdoor Security Cameras

By Ryan Skidmore | July 13, 2018

Personal security is one of the most popular pieces of tech out there. At one point, you needed to pay thousands of dollars for just a few cameras. Now, you can monitor every aspect of your business from parking lots to storage facilities.

Having an outdoor security camera is still one of the most essential parts of business security. When you select the best outdoor wifi security camera, you’ll not only have a high-definition image of your property, but you’ll have a camera that can withstand harsh weather year-round.

When looking for an outdoor security camera, you first need to figure out your needs, where to place outdoor security cameras, and of course your budget.

Here at Pro-Vigil, we know a thing or two about security. We’ve put together a few items that make up the best outdoor security camera.


This is the first thing anyone should look for when looking for the best outdoor wifi security camera. Most cameras will show resolutions listed as 720p or 1080p. These days, the most outdoor security cameras record at 1080p, which is considered full HD. This means all recorded video will be high-quality, allowing you to see things clearly.

Now, you may look at the live feed coming from your outdoor security camera and think it doesn’t look like full HD. Well, it probably isn’t. While the video records in1080p, live view from an app is almost always 720p. This allows the stream to function better between camera and phone.

It’s also important to remember night footage will not be as clear because there is less light entering the camera sensor, which translates into black and white footage for most cameras.


App Functionality

When the installation is all said and done, you want an app that works well with your phone and isn’t difficult to understand.

Years ago, original security cameras used apps that required a degree in I.T. just to navigate the home page. Now, with the push of a button, you can switch between live view and recorded video.

Make sure you do the research and see what the app is capable of when deciding on an outdoor security camera. To get an idea of what sort of analytics you could have access to on your app, learn more about the video analytics Pro-Vigil provides.


Field of View

This refers to how wide of a view a camera can record. This could stretch anywhere from 90 degrees to 145 degrees, on average. When you’ve decided where to place your outdoor security camera, think about the field of view.


Motion Detection

When a subject hits your camera’s field of view, you want it to send you an alert. Motion detection is a staple of any security camera, indoor or outdoor. Getting alerts allows you to monitor any suspicious situations.


Storage Subscriptions

This is where things get tricky for many people. You just hooked up your security camera and you’re ready to go only to test it out and find that the video is only stored for a certain amount of time.

Many companies require a monthly fee for a subscription to their cloud storage. This could be a cap at a certain storage limit or unlimited, just make sure you read the fine print before you make your purchase.

An alternative could be to get an outdoor security camera that also has an SD card slot. That way, you can keep and delete videos yourself instead of paying a monthly fee.

There may also be advanced features you want with your camera, such as integration with a security HUB, facial recognition, or set motion zones.

Once you’re ready to step up your security game, give Pro-Vigil a call. Whether you need business services or mobile services, our trained experts are ready to help. We can give you live, 24-hours-a-day monitoring and the peace of mind that comes with decades of experience.

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