How Does the Virtual Guard Work?

By Ryan Skidmore | July 6, 2018

Having trouble falling asleep because you’re worried that your human guards are already sleeping on the job? Well, with virtual guards, your guards will stay awake and alert—and safe—while bringing you professional gate security. Pro-Vigil’s advanced virtual guard surveillance system is a great way to protect your business while also saving time and money.

How Virtual Guard Systems Function

Also known as remote guards, individual virtual guards technically still use human agents—it’s just all done remotely. The professional guards maintaining the system work from an off-site location and watch your facility from remote security cameras. Said guards are trained to handle any break-ins from the safety of their headquarters, using remote audio systems and easy access to police lines.

Pro-Vigil’s virtual guard technology is especially sophisticated, including features such as video analytics, recognition software, and off-site live video monitoring: 93% of the time our virtual guards don’t even need to call for law enforcement, as they know how to resolve trouble all on their own.

Benefits of a Virtual Guard

There are many benefits when using a virtual guard. Despite having advanced technology and professional staffing, the actual price for the system is in fact very low, making it more affordable than standard guards. Furthermore, the comprehensive coverage by the surveillance equipment ensures that you won’t have any blind spots to worry about.

Most of all, by providing a steady supply of professionals working from a secure location, the virtual guard eliminates many problems that come with on-site guards. You’ll always have a healthy, alert guard manning the post, and you don’t need to worry about liability issues with someone getting hurt. Plus, they are professionals at the job and will quickly and effectively respond to security breaches.

Professional Virtual Security with Pro-Vigil

As a leader in virtual security, Pro-Vigil has the best virtual security guard services on the market. Contact us today to buy a Pro-Vigil surveillance system.