A Deeper Look Into Fire and Security Systems

By Pro-Vigil | June 26, 2017

It can all be lost within moments. Whether it’s a fire or a break-in, months or even years of hard work can all be gone before you even realize what’s happening. It’s a heartbreaking ordeal, one no business wants to suffer through. Luckily, installing and maintaining a fire and security system doesn’t have to be complex or overwhelming. The main complication tends to be choosing a security system that works best for you and provides the most comprehensive coverage.

Basics of Fire Alarm Systems

A fire alarm security system is something most business owners will think about as a way of protecting their store, office, merchandise, and more. Several elements of a fire security system should be should be included for organizations to truly feel safe.

Smoke Detectors: One of the most common features of fire alarms systems that are even found in many homes today, smoke detectors are an indispensable part of any fireproofing strategy. As the name indicates, smoke detectors are able to detect smoke, which is always produced by a fire. Smoke detectors are placed in strategic locations that are most likely to spawn fires. This acts just like alarm systems do, providing early warning to people within the premises so they can get out quickly. Smoke detectors can also alert the proper authorities to respond to fires before they get out of hand.

Sprinklers: Another vital part of fire alarm security systems, sprinklers are activated when a fire is present, instantly releasing water in an attempt to get a blaze under control. Oftentimes sprinklers can mean the difference between an isolated, quickly extinguished burn and one that causes widespread damage.

Basic Security Systems

Typical security systems are designed to prevent incidents of infiltration while also minimizing thefts and vandalism should break-ins occur.

Video Analytics Software: Many modern security systems include video analytics software. Video Analytics is an advanced technology capable of analyzing recorded video for specific data of many different types. In the case of security, video analytics software can detect when dangerous situations arise. Some of the more advanced systems can even flag suspicious behavior, analyze facial features, and identify crowd patterns which may lead to serious safety incidents.

Services to Alert Correct People/Organizations: Another feature that is quickly becoming a part of today’s security systems is the ability to alert the right authorities instantly when a dangerous situation happens. Pro-Vigil provides this service with our security systems, making sure that the right people and organizations are notified in time to respond to security incidents before it’s too late to do something about it.

Combination of the Systems

Combining a fire alarm and security system together is a natural step to ensuring a property remains safe at all times.

Current and Future Combinations of Systems: Many of today’s systems combine fire alarm and security in very basic ways. Fire alarms are hooked up with security alarms so that setting one off will sometimes set off the other. Many times, the same authorities will need to be alerted no matter the incident. More advanced systems, however, take the concept much further, especially when it comes to using video technology. Future systems will also provide even better coverage over the entire property.

Preventing Fires: With video analytics, fire prevention becomes even more possible. In the same way, security lapses can be detected, incidents, where fires become more likely, can also be identified based off of a recorded video. This can be done in real time, allowing for no delays in the proper response.

Alert and Review Past Footage: While combined security systems record what is currently happening, another important feature is how they save all the footage they’ve recorded. This allows organizations to go back and review all that archived footage, which may be important for understanding how a fire got started, for example, or if evidence is needed to prosecute a criminal.


To gain the most comprehensive fire and security system available, make sure you check out Pro-Vigil’s security Fire Watch solutions. Pro-Vigil’s Fire Watch services ensure your property is under surveillance 24/7. Thanks to fire security systems and thermal video technology, Fire Watch is always on the lookout for flames and can alert the right authorities in case of an emergency. This threat-recognition software can detect fires quickly, evaluating the threat and determining what actions need to be taken to maintain safe conditions. Security monitoring agents are at hand at all hours to study the threat and call local authorities when necessary. Fire Watch is a valuable feature that should be a part of every organization’s security strategy.