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Substations Security

When thieves steal wiring and other parts from electrical substations, it can result in the destruction of expensive systems, interruption of power to various locations, or even lead to fires and other physical dangers that may threaten repair crews or the thieves themselves. Pro-Vigil protects these vital locations from anyone who might want to target them.

Electrical Power Plants

Electrical power plants may be where the bulk of our nation’s electricity is produced, but before it can reach our electrical outlets and give life to our various appliances, devices, and equipment, it generally needs to go through an electrical substation (or possibly even several). And though we may not often hear about them, electrical substations are absolutely essential to the power distribution process. Substations take the high-voltage electricity generated by power plants, and they transform it to lower voltage that can be used for everyday tasks. The electricity is then distributed among the population. Substations, in essence, keep the entire distribution process operating safely and effectively. Of course, none of this is enough to deter thieves from attempting to break into substations in order to salvage valuable components.

Onsite Deterrents

A number of different deterrents, such as prerecorded messages, alarms, and LED strobes, may be used to scare away potential criminals. These audible and visual deterrents, in concert with live eyes on the site, make substation security possible, and drastically reduce the chances of a loss or damage to a property.

Where security is needed most

Many substations are located in sparsely populated rural areas, leaving them more susceptible to theft and vandalism. Pro-Vigil eliminates the dangers associated with criminal attacks on remote locations, by ensuring that the property in question is always kept under a watchful eye. And, should the built-in deterrents fail to drive potential thieves and vandals away, Remote Guards can quickly contact local law enforcement. With Pro-Vigil, being out-of-the-way doesn’t have to mean being vulnerable. Put Pro-Vigil to work for you remotely patrolling your electrical substation.

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