Versatile Video Surveillance Services

We offer 3 main service solutions that we’ve found cover almost any location, but we also understand that needs vary. If your location calls for specifications that aren’t mentioned here, we can design a custom surveillance solution to fit you and your unique requirements.

Key service features include:

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Coupling remote video monitoring and accessible deterrents with well trained Remote Guards, is the complete crime-preventing solution.

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Virtual Guards

How it works

Step 1

A Pro-Vigil technician visits your site and identifies the appropriate equipment and tactical surveillance needed. Within five days we install the system.

Step 2

Once we’ve installed your surveillance system, the Pro-Vigil Surveillance team members begin watching your site for unwanted intrusions or other activities. Every time the software detects motion the surveillance team member must note whether it’s a false alarm or a true intrusion – this ensures that an intervention takes place if necessary.

Step 3

When the Pro-Vigil Surveillance team detects unwanted activity on your property, they simultaneously notify their supervisors and trigger on-site shouts of warning. They then start the strobe lights and sirens to drive the intruder away. Finally, if the intruder does not leave, the surveillance team member contacts the police to have them intervene. Within eight seconds of initial contact, either the intruder will have been scared away, or police will have been notified.

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