Continuous Recording Important Too

It seems like every month there is a new mobile surveillance provider that pops up in the market offering better services than Pro-Vigil at a Pole Mounted Unitfraction of the rate. The fact is, there are only two service types for video monitoring (live and event-based), and we are the only company to offer both and guarantee the work. Additionally, we would be happy to compare our level of support, up-time, and number of successful prevention/apprehensions with anyone that is up to it.

One key feature that is frequently overlooked is continuous recording that is archived for a period of time (in our case 14 days). We typically think of thieves targeting a site at night, but many tools and building supplies actually disappear during the workday. These are usually inside jobs, as 80% of thefts are.

Many of the “latest and greatest” mobile surveillance providers that offer construction security only record on motion during monitoring hours. Therefore, the story reported below would never happen to them. It is important to educate yourself with the levels of service that each company offers. When a better service is offered by a newer company at a lower rate, typically that is not the case. We all know the age-old advice….

Hi there,

Just a note to let you know our cameras have thwarted a first attempt at someone trying to steal a hammer drill. I went back through the video from last Friday and found an individual walking from the building pad towards the tree carrying a plastic bag that appeared to have some weight to it. He stopped and put the bag down behind a dirt pile for a few seconds, looked around then came over to the tree where they take breaks. Around 6 minutes later he walks towards their connex carrying the bag lifted in the air and appears to be considerably lighter. He also was the only guy to not show up today… They found the hammer drill by the fence rolled up in the silt fence right before we went home for the day.

Steve Farmer
Ajax Building Corporation

Pro-Vigil at PBIOS

Pro-Vigil launches two new products at the PBIOS

Pro-Vigil exhibited at the Permian Basin International Oil Show (PBIOS) this past week and unveiled two new product. It was one of the largest oil shows in the US and was well attended. Our surveillance and lighting products were well received.

Pro-Vigil spent the last year developing a solar light tower (SPOT). This is an alternative to the traditional light tower that requires fuel. SPOT, unlike traditional light towers, doesn’t require fuel and produces no sound or fumes. SPOT is also a complement to surveillance units by adding additional lighting where required, improving the range of the cameras.

Pro-Vigil also introduced a Solar Powered Station (SPS) that with provide power to the popular MD surveillance unit when power is an issue. See how SPS works.

The SPS will power the pole mounted Virtual Guard Station MD unit without the need for secondary power. The MD can be shipped to any location and is ideal for those smaller projects, or projects that may require multiple units to gain two or more vantage points.

Call Pro-Vigil today to order one of these products for your job site. 866-616-1318


Mobile Surveillance and Thermal Cameras

Pro-Vigil is now using thermal cameras for those hard to reach places that are far away and poorly lit. This particular site is very dark and the backside boarders a wooded area. The only option was to add an additional unit near the wooded area, or add a thermal camera to the existing mobile surveillance unit. The thermal camera was less expensive and did the job. This individual was detected at 400+ft and the police department responded within 5 minutes with the K9 unit. Individual wasn’t found, but the site was cleared and no theft reported.


Solar Surveillance Unit Gets New Low-Light Technology

New camera test for our Solar Surveillance Unit (Scarecrow). Axis Communications claims to have the solution for low-light applications with their new Q1602. We thought we would test our good friends at Axis, so we ordered two of the Q1602 IP Cameras and added them to one of our solar units. This will be the true test. Our Solar Surveillance Unit has no lights or IR and the site we picked is 60 miles south of San Antonio watching the backside of a large commercial construction project.

As you can see in the pictures, there is no additional lighting or structures in the area that could aid the cameras view at night. This is a true ambient light scenario. Because this site is in a rural area, we’ve decreased the resolution to 320×240 to allow us to continuously monitor the site live with little or no interruption in the video stream (limited bandwidth).

2/24/12 @ 2:10pm CDT

Now that the night views are in, we have an idea of the capabilities of the Axis Q1602. The first camera was in our opinion a good enough view, but the second was not. The light in the distance blinded the camera. If it was equipped with wide dynamic range, this view may have looked much better.

Pro-Vigil has to be ready to stand up to any environment and this latest camera is another tool in our belt for low-light situations. If you need intrusion prevention, including a low-light scenario, Pro-Vigil has a Mobile Surveillance Unit ready to go.

Pro-Vigil, Inc.

Recent Videos – Mobile and Fixed Surveillance

Pro-Vigil owns and operates multiple remote surveillance centers in multiple locations and time zones to best support our customers. Pro-Vigil also manufactures and manages the largest fleet of active mobile surveillance units in North America.

Our goal is to deter crime using remotely accessible outputs such as sirens, strobes, and public address systems. Each Remote Guard, monitoring video live, has the ability to activate outputs and/or escalate the activity real-time to a supervisor or to one of two central dispatch centers.

To learn more call us at 866-616-1318. Here are some recent videos of arrests and potential crimes deterred.

Police Intervention – Unauthorized Individual

In this video, Pro-Vigil Virtual Guards sent the police to check on an unauthorized individual looking at one of our customer’s heavy construction equipment. We first called the customer who told us that no one should be on site.

Formula for Calculating Mobile Surveillance Savings (ROI)

Using numbers from actual crime statistics allows us to place a value on each incident of theft or vandalism that Pro-Vigil’s Virtual Guard services prevent on our customers’ sites. We recently switched from using the Texas Crime Analysis to the numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau for our monthly potential savings calculations for our customers.

According to Table 321. Robbery and Property Crimes by Type and Average Value Lost for 2009, from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2012 Statistical Abstract, these are the total number of offenses for characteristics of offense that apply to Pro-Vigil’s service, and their average value lost:

Non-residence – 407,000 offenses with an average value lost of $2,521

From motor vehicles – 1,520,000 offenses with an average value lost of $737
Motor vehicle accessories – 501,000 offenses with an average value lost of $528
From buildings – 620,000 offenses with an average value lost of $1,233
Other – 1,660,000 offenses with an average value lost of $1,439

The average per offense for these categories is $1,292.

The formula we base potential customer savings on:

Successful Deterrents + Police Interventions + Arrests times Average = Potential Savings for Customer

What this formula does not account for is the number of potential thefts diverted because the presence of Pro-Vigil’s mobile surveillance units. If you took this into account, you could easily add a couple zeros to the end of the monthly savings.

November 2011 Videos

Deterred or Arrested
This is a number of sites protected by Pro-Vigil’s live surveillance services. These videos capture individuals being deterred and arrested. Pro-Vigil remotely activates alarms (sirens, strobes, pre-recorded voice warnings) once a potential threat is identified on a clients site. If the unwanted guest doesn’t immediately respond to the alarms, Pro-Vigil’s dispatch center located in San Antonio, TX quickly contacts the local authorities and managers of the site. The key to our success is the low number of cameras assigned to each Monitor, alarms that can be remotely activated, and our drive to remain the best live surveillance company in the industry.


Congratulations Barbi Flores of WM

Pro-Vigil recently expanded in the North and South Florida markets with Waste Management’s Construction Services Segment. Within the first week, Barbi Flores, WM Construction Services Account Manager in Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area secured her first contract for three mobile surveillance units. We would like to congratulate Barbi for the recent success.

Barbi Flores, Construction Services Account Manager at WM

Mobile surveillance services provide remote project management and proactive protection for your job site. Contact your local Waste Management or Pro-Vigil Account Manager to learn more today.

WM Mobile Surveillance Unit (XL)

Thanksgiving Security

Some of you may be closed due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. If you are going to be closing at any point during this weekend and would like additional monitoring please fill out this form to let us know.

Per our standard monitoring procedures, Thursday November 24th and Sunday November 27th will be monitored 24 hours free of charge.

If you plan on closing Wednesday November 23rd, Friday November 25th, or Saturday November 26th and would like your site monitored 24 hours, please complete this form. The fee is $100 per unit/day.

Happy Turkey Day!

Pro-Vigil Customer Service

In November 2014, Pro-Vigil saved its customers $76,228 in property crimes!